Beagle Puppies for Sale & Litters

Available Retired Beagles

NO Retired Beagles available. 

Available Beagle Puppies

NO Beagle Puppies available. 

Current Litters of Beagle Puppies

"Litter DO1"

"Stitch" and "Dorothy"

Due: Mid-July

Pickup: Mid-September

Expected Size: approx. 20-25 lbs and 12-14 inches.

Expected Colors: Tricolor or Merle

Registry: UABR and ACA dual registered (papers)

Future Litters of Beagle Puppies

"Litter T1"

"Stitch" and "Tinkerbell"

Around Late 2020 to Early 2021

"Litter J1"

"Stitch" and "Jasmine"

Around Early 2021

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