Purchase A Beagle Puppy

My Beagle Puppies are purebred, AKC Registered, from Champion bloodlines, and

have OFA Health Tested Parents.

They are Home-Raised, Handled from Birth, and Family Socialized. 

I take weekly pictures during the last three weeks of each mom-to-be's pregnancy,

then weekly pictures of my Beagle Puppies from Birth until 8 weeks of age.

Pictures are posted to the Short Acres Beagles facebook page.

My Beagle Puppies are freshly Bathed, Groomed, & Nails Trimmed when you pick them up!


They will be examined by a licensed Veterinarian at an AAHA accredited Veterinary Hospital and have a Health Certificate signed by a licensed Veterinarian showing that they are healthy.


$1800 with NO BREEDING Rights (AKC Limited Registration)

$2200 with BREEDING Rights (AKC Full Registration)

*Repeat customers please inquire for "Repeat Customer Discount". 

*Breeders: please contact me directly (laura@shortacresbeagles.com) for inquiries. 

No co-ownerships.

Price Includes:

  • AKC Registration Completed (pre-paid) for the New Owner

  • AKC New Puppy Folder

  • Vaccinations (shots) up to date by a licensed Veterinarian

  • De-wormings up to date

  • Microchipped (AKC ReUnite Microchip registered to the New Owner, pre-paid)

  • Examined by a licensed Veterinarian

  • Veterinary Health Certificate (showing that your puppy is healthy)

  • Health Records

  • 12 Month Genetic Health Guarantee

  • Birth Certificate (with your puppy's newborn pawprints)

  • 4 Generation AKC Pedigrees (family tree) of  both parents

  • Beagle Puppy Care Guide (.pdf)

  • Purina ProPlan Puppy Kit

  • Purina ProPlan food (small bag)

  • Lifetime Breeder Support & Advice

How To Purchase One of My Beagle Puppies:

Send me a "Puppy Application"

I reserve the right not to sell one of my Beagle Puppies to anyone for any reason and at any time, this is to protect my Beagle Puppies (If I cancel a sale, any payment received will be refunded). 

Please do your research and make certain that you are committed to the responsibility of a Beagle Puppy before sending me your Puppy Application. 

Join "My Waiting List"

After I have received your Puppy Application and I feel that you are a good home for one of my Beagle Puppies, you can join My Waiting List.

Effective 01/19/2019, a Holding Fee (service fee) of $300 (three hundred dollars) and a signed

"Holding Fee Contract" (as a commitment from you) is required to hold your place on My Waiting List.

I will accept payments for Holding Fees that are paid through PayPal invoice.

Holding Fees are applied to the purchase price of your puppy when you select (pick) a puppy.

Holding Fees ARE NOT refundable if you change your mind or decide not to purchase a puppy from me. After I accept your Holding Fee, I am turning away other potential families and holding a future puppy for you. The Holding Fee is for my service of holding a place for you on my Waiting List.

Holding Fees ARE refundable if I am unable to offer you a puppy of your gender/color preference within 24 months, the puppy you choose is found unfit for sale by my Veterinarian, or I decide not to sell you a puppy for any reason.  

Puppy Selection

As a breeder who cares about the future of the Beagle breed, my goal is to select (choose) the most suitable puppy or puppies from each litter to breed and carry on the next generation. 

I reserve the right to hold back (pick/reserve) the most suitable puppy or puppies from every litter for

future breeding potential.

Families on My Waiting List for a Beagle Puppy with NO Breeding Rights may choose their puppy in the order that I received their Holding Fee, after I have selected which puppy or puppies that I am holding back for future breeding potential. 

I usually make a decision on which puppy or puppies that I am holding back for future breeding potential by 4 to 6 weeks of age. This allows me time to see their structure and personalities develop, as well as receive any DNA test results before making a decision. 

When it is your turn to choose a puppy, I will email you with at least 4 pictures and a personality description for each puppy that matches your gender/color preference. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about each puppy to help you choose the right puppy for your family. Please be considerate of others who are on My Waiting List and choose your puppy in a timely manner (within 24 hours).

Puppy Pickup & Shipping Info

I DO NOT ship my Beagle Puppies and I DO NOT transport my Beagle Puppies that are going to families with NO Breeding Rights. I will consider personally meeting another breeder to exchange (trade) puppies in person, if it is mutually beneficial to both of our breeding programs (no co-ownerships). 

My Beagle Puppies must be picked up in person at my home in Bonneau, South Carolina by their new owner(s). You can drive to my home to pick up your puppy; or you can fly to the Charleston International Airport (about 1 hour south of my home), rent a car, drive to my home to pick up your puppy in person, and return home with your puppy as "carry-on". Please check with your airline for more information. 

You will be required to sign a "Puppy Sales Contract" and pay the remaining balance in Cash before you can take your puppy home. Your puppy will be examined by a licensed Veterinarian at 8 weeks of age and have a current Veterinary Health Certificate before they leave. They are microchipped by a licensed Veterinarian during this exam. 


AKC (American Kennel Club) Registration and AKC Reunite microchip registration in the New Owner's sole ownership (no co-ownerships) is included with your puppy at no additional cost!

You will need to provide me with a registered name for your puppy. 

I will complete your puppy's AKC registration online within 3 days of purchase and you will receive a copy of your puppy's registration certificate via email from AKC immediately. 


My Beagle Puppies are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age. They are fully weaned and eating dry kibble (Purina ProPlan Sport 30/20). 

Here is a "New Puppy Checklist" of what you will need for your new puppy.


Visits are by appointment only and limited to families on My Waiting List who are picking up their puppy. 

Here are some of the reasons for this: I frequently have a dozen or more families who want to visit my home every week, I simply cannot accommodate that many visitors to my home along with my regular daily life schedule. In the times that we live in, I have to be careful of who I allow in my home around my family and my dogs. There are breeders who have suffered great losses at the hands of people who have ill intentions. Visitors can also unintentionally track diseases like Parvo virus or Canine Flu to breeders homes on their shoes or tires when they visit breeders, especially if they visit more than one breeder or if they visit places like pet stores prior to visiting a breeder. 

I understand that families want to visit to insure that they are not supporting breeders who raise their puppies in poor conditions, however I feel that it is in my family's and my dogs' best interest to limit visits to puppy pickups ONLY. 

When you visit to pick up your puppy, you can meet the parents of your puppy.

Size & Color

I breed AKC Standard size Beagles including both the 13 inch and 15 inch varieties, that typically weigh 20 to 30 pounds, in the colors Black Tan & White (tricolor), Black White & Tan (tricolor), Lemon & White, Red & White, and Spotted (merle). I breed to the AKC Beagle breed standard. You can see pictures of my Beagles on my website for size & color reference. Due to the wonder of mother nature and genetics, I cannot guarantee the adult height, weight, or color of a young Beagle Puppy who has not yet reached adulthood. 

PDF Documents

"Puppy Sales Policies"

"Puppy Application"

"Puppy Holding Fee Contract"

"Puppy Sale Contract"

"New Puppy Checklist"


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