Purchase A Beagle Puppy

Beagle Puppies for Sale
Beagle Puppies for Sale

Tricolor Beagle Puppies

Beagle Puppies for Sale
Beagle Puppies for Sale

Tricolor Beagle Puppies

Beagle Puppies for Sale
Beagle Puppies for Sale

Tricolor Beagle Puppies

Our Beagle Puppies sold as Companion Pets are sold with *NO Breeding Rights and Non-Breeding Registration.

(*Breeding Rights are only available to approved breeders)

Our Current Pet Puppy Price is $2000

Price Includes:

  • Vaccinations (shots) up to date by a licensed Veterinarian 

  • Wormings & Parasite Prevention up to date

  • Microchipped (AKC ReUnite Microchip registered to New Owner, pre-paid)

  • Examined by a licensed Veterinarian

  • Veterinary Health Certificate (showing that your puppy is healthy)

  • Veterinary Health Records

  • 12 Month Health Guarantee

  • Registration Papers & Pedigree (UABR)

  • Birth Certificate (with your puppy's newborn pawprints)

  • Beagle Puppy Care Guide (.pdf)

  • Purina ProPlan Puppy Kit & Folder

  • Purina ProPlan food (2 to 3 day supply)

  • Lifetime Breeder Support & Advice

  • Freshly Bathed & Groomed right before pickup!

We can provide UKC or AKC Registration Papers (Breeder's choice) if the Buyer provides proof of spay/neuter. This is to discourage breeding of our Beagle Puppies sold as Companion Pets. (*Breeding Rights are only available to approved breeders.)

How To Purchase A Beagle Puppy:

Step 1: Read our "Policies & Contracts"

Step 2: Send us a "Puppy Application"

Step 3: Join our "Puppy Waiting List"

Policies & Contracts

We reserve the right not to sell one of our Beagle Puppies to anyone for any reason and at any time, this is to protect our Beagle Puppies (If we cancel a sale, any payment received will be refunded). 


Please do your research and make certain that you (and your family) are committed to the responsibility of a Beagle Puppy before sending us your Puppy Application. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of our Beagle Puppies, please send us a Puppy Application. Approved Families will be offered the opportunity to send a Holding Fee of $300 and join our Waiting List. 

Holding Fees ARE NOT refundable if you change your mind or decide not to purchase a puppy from us. After we accept your Holding Fee, we are turning away other potential families and holding a puppy for you. The Holding Fee is for our service of holding a place for you on our Waiting List.

Holding Fees ARE refundable if the puppy you choose is found unfit for sale by our Veterinarian, or we decide not to sell you a puppy for any reason.  


Holding Fees are applied to the purchase price.

Puppy Selection

As breeders who cares about the future of the Beagle breed, our goal is to select (choose) the most suitable puppy or puppies from each litter to breed and carry on the next generation. 

We reserve the right to hold back (pick/reserve) the most suitable puppy or puppies from every litter for future breeding potential known as “BREEDING Puppies”.

Families on our Waiting List for a Companion Pet Puppy with NO Breeding Rights may choose their puppy in the order that we received their Holding Fee, after we have selected which puppy or puppies that we are holding back for future breeding potential (BREEDING Puppies). 

We usually make a decision on which puppy or puppies that we are holding back for future breeding potential by 4 weeks of age. This allows us time to see their structure and personalities develop, as well as receive any DNA test results before making a decision. 

Puppies Selection is done virtually by email. When it is your turn to choose a puppy, we will email you with at least 4 pictures and a personality description for each puppy that matches your gender preferences. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about each puppy to help you choose the right puppy for your family. Please be considerate of others who are on our Waiting List and choose your puppy in a timely manner (within 24 hours).

Puppy Pickup & Shipping Info

NOTE: We only sell our puppies in person (never sight unseen); and we only sell puppies bred by us and born at our home. 


Our Beagle Puppies can be picked up in person by their new owner(s) at our home in Bonneau, South Carolina (29431); or we can meet you at the airport with your beagle puppy.

For families flying in from out of state, we will can meet you at the Charleston International Airport with your Beagle Puppy at no additional charge. You can then return home with your puppy as "carry-on". Check with your airlines to see what their cost and requirements are. Our Beagle Puppies all have a recent Health Certificate, you will also need a "Sherpa airline approved" pet carrier. 

You will be required to sign a "Puppy Sales Contract" and pay the remaining balance in Cash before you can take your puppy home. Your puppy will be examined by a licensed Veterinarian at 8 weeks of age and have a current Veterinary Health Certificate before they leave. They are also vaccinated & microchipped by a licensed Veterinarian. 


Our Beagle Puppies are ready for their new homes at 8 (eight) weeks old. They must be picked up and paid for within 10 days of their 8 week old Veterinary checkup, no exceptions. They are fully weaned and eating dry kibble (Purina ProPlan Sport 30/20). 

See our "New Puppy Checklist" of what you will need for your new puppy.


We DO NOT allow any visits unless you are picking up your puppy.


We maintain careful bio-security practices to protect our family, beagles, and other pets from contagious diseases (Covid19, Parvovirus, Canine Flu, etc); which can be tracked in unknowingly on the shoes of visitors (or even on tires).


Visits are by appointment only and limited to families on our Waiting List who are picking up their puppy, no exceptions. We also no longer allow families inside of our home when picking up their puppy. 


​DO NOT visit other breeders, rescues, OR Pet Stores prior to your Visit.

DO NOT bring other pets to your Visit.​ 

DO NOT bring children to your Visit. (If you must, please keep them in your vehicle.)

If you have been sick or exposed to illness, please let us know prior to your Visit and wear a face covering/mask.


We understand that families want to visit to insure that they are not supporting breeders who raise their puppies in poor conditions, however we feel that it is in our family's and our dogs' best interest to limit visits to puppy pickups ONLY. 

When you visit to pick up your puppy, you can meet the parents of your puppy.

Size & Color

As of 2021, we are primarily breeding the smaller 13 inch variety Beagles. Although we breed primarily for 13 inch Beagles; due to the wonder of mother nature and genetics, we cannot guarantee the adult height, weight, or color of a young Beagle puppy that has not yet reached adulthood. You can see pictures of our Beagles on our website for size & color reference.  To see the colors that our Beagles come in, visit our "Beagle Colors" page. 

Waiting List Information:


  • Please make sure that you and your family members are all ready for the commitment of Beagle ownership and raising a Beagle Puppy before joining our Puppy Waiting List.

  • Please make sure that you have the patience and willingness to wait for a Beagle Puppy prior to joining our Puppy Waiting List. We usually average 5 available Pet Beagle Puppies per litter and we plan to raise around 4 to 6 litters of Beagle Puppies each year. The wait may be 6 to 18 months (or more) depending upon your place on our Puppy Waiting List and your gender preferences. (The more flexible your gender preference, the more quickly you are likely to move up our Waiting List.)

  • When you are ready to join our Puppy Waiting List, send me an email (laura@shortacresbeagles.com) after I have approved your Puppy Application. 

  • I will then send you a Puppy Holding Fee Contract to sign & return (by email or mail) and a PayPal invoice for $300. These are both required to join our Puppy Waiting List.

  • When you complete your Puppy Holding Fee Contract, make sure to select the gender(s) that you would like to choose from. If you do not select a particular gender, you will not be offered a puppy of that gender during our puppy selection at around 4 weeks of age. 

  • As of May 5th, 2021; all families joining our Waiting List will choose from "All Colors" of puppies that are their preferred gender(s).

  • We usually choose to reserve (keep/pick/hold back) one or two of the most suitable puppies for future breeding from each litter. We usually make our decision by 4 weeks of age, PRIOR to offering any puppies to families on our Puppy Waiting List. At a minimum, we usually reserve one female puppy per litter. (These are the puppies that we may keep here for future breeding or offer to breeders.)

  • Puppy selection will begin virtually (by email) at around 4 weeks of age in the order that you joined our Puppy Waiting List. You will be emailed with 4 pictures of each puppy that you have to choose from as well as a personality description for each puppy. If you need help deciding, feel free to let me know! You may choose to select one of the puppies available to you, or you may choose to skip that litter and wait for our next litter. If you skip a litter, you will keep your place on our Puppy Waiting List until you choose a puppy (essentially moving up our Puppy Waiting List). 

  • When it is your turn to choose a puppy or skip a litter, please let us know your decision within 24 hours, as there are other families who are also anxiously anticipating their own puppy selection!


Breedings & Timing:

  • Dates are estimates! The actual date is determined by nature and our girls’ heat cycles, which are completely out of our control. 

  • The entire process (start of heat, breeding, gestation, and puppy raising) is around 20 weeks in length. So even when our girls “start” a heat cycle, it would still be 20 weeks until a puppy would be ready for their new home.

  • The gender & color ratio is determined by nature, it is completely out of our control. Due to the wonders of genetic testing, we can determine what colors could possibly come from a particular pair of parents, but that is no guarantee of what may be born.

  • Each puppy's gender and color are the result of a roll of the genetic dice!