Short Acres Experiment 626


Personality: Stitch is a super friendly, happy, lovable little guy who gives lots of kisses! He is curious, playful, and loves to do anything that involves treats & attention. 
Pet Name: Stitch
Registered Name: Short Acres Experiment 626
Date of Birth: April 29th, 2019
Height (Variety): 13 inch Beagle
Weight (Variety): 25 lbs and under
Color: Blue Tan & White, Spotted (Slate Merle)
(Has one blue eye)
(can produce blue, cannot produce lemon or chocolate)
Color Testing: EE, dd, BB, Mm
AKC #: HP57564404
AKC DNA Profile #: V894823
Microchip #: 956000009989104
Sire: Walnut Ridge Good Luck Woodchuck
Dam: P.J.'s Possum
Breeder: Mandy Middleton (Blue Bayou Beagles)
OFA Health Testing Results:
MLS (dna): "Clear"
Factor VII (dna): "Carrier"
NCCD (dna): "Clear"
PRA (dna): "Clear"
POAG (dna): "Clear"
PK (dna): "Clear"
IGS (dna): "Clear"
DM (dna): "Clear"
Stitch's Offspring: none yet

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Short Acres Beagles

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