Cheyenne (retired 2005)
Lucy (Cesar & Lady's Litter 2006)
From the time we started looking to buy a beagle, I researched breeders for over 6 months. I just kept coming back to Laura's website, because she promoted high quality breeding ethics and bloodline. So when Princess Cheyenne was retired from breeding, my family traveled from Jacksonville FL to Bonneau SC to acquire Princess Cheyenne. We have never had such a loving friend as Cheyenne. She is now 15 years old, even though her sight and hearing are failing, her passion for love is intense as well as the good ole beagle nose! So when we got Cheyenne we also had an older chocolate lab, Cocoa, and they immediately bonded, are were best of friends until Cocoa passed in 2007. Princess Cheyenne was really lonely, we could tell. So I did not hesitate to call Laura about another Beagle. Off to SC we went to get A Quality Lucine, aka Lucy, or she really comes to Lou. So Lucy and Cheyenne became buddies before we even left Laura's, and still today, they are inseparable. The Gibson Family is so very fortunate to have these 2 beagles. They are a gift that we are so blessed with. They are our family, and we love them to pieces. It is the highest of breeding practices that Laura stands by. She will not take a chance using unethical, or controversial breeding habits. Her dedication to those quality standards is what produces the best beagles we could ever want and we will someday ask Laura for another.
Laura, you are the best!
-Mark G. (Florida)
Sydar (CH Axle & Cheyenne's Litter 2005)
Sydar continues to become better and better with age. She spreads her love equally to every member of our family (pack). Sydar turned 12 in January and continues to be our best friend and best office companion. 
-Ann H. (Florida)
RIP Carey 2004-2017 (CH Axle & Cheyenne's Litter)
I miss Carey terribly. He was such a special dog. He was always outgoing and friendly with people, all the while being gentle and giving many "kisses", was a wonderful addition to my neighborhood where we have many elementary school children, never worried that he would bite anyone. Carey was very good when he visited my father in the nursing home, bringing Dad companionship, friendship and happiness while Dad was suffering from Alzheimer's.
Carey became my companion after Dad passed away and always lifted my spirits with the funny ways he invented to have me give him a biscuit and enthusiastically jumping up to greet me when I came home from work. Carey was very intelligent and enjoyed obedience and agility training classes. Carey grew older, we enjoyed our walks together around my dog-friendly neighborhood. Carey always followed his nose to investigate scents along the way. He had a true Beagle sense of scent.
-Helen G. (Massachusetts)
Lexi (CH Harry & Lady's Litter 2007)
Lexi is 10 yrs old today and doing great!
-Kim P. (South Carolina)
Josie (Mister & Maggie's Litter 2013)
Here is a photo of our little girl, Josie (officially Miss America) from one of your litters 4 years ago.  She is still as pretty as can be and very loved!
-Barbara Z.
Gracie (Mister & Maggie's Litter 2013)

The many faces of Gracie Lou, aka Morning Glory.


Gracie is the best girl ever! She is fantastic with other dogs and people, everyone loves her.


The techs at the vet call her the best beagle ever and of course I agree!

-Melanie W. (Illinois)
Sophie (Mister & Maggie's Litter 2013)

She loves to cuddle!

-Wesley B. (Ohio)
Frodo (Mister & Maggie's Litter 2013)
This is my three year old beagle Frodo. He was bred by Laura Short. He is a handsome boy and so sweet and funny!
-Michele B. (Georgia)
Diego (Mister & Maggie's Litter 2013)
-Lizette C. (South Carolina)

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