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Welcome to my website.

My name is Laura Short and my love for the Beagle breed began

with my first Beagle in 1992, "Baby".

I have been in love with the Beagle breed ever since.

I have been breeding purebred AKC registered Beagles since 2002.

I only raise Beagles.

My Beagle Puppies are Hand Raised in my Home, Handled Daily from Birth, and Family Socialized with Adults, Children, other Dogs, and Cats. They are well acclimated to the sights and sounds of a home. 

I breed my Beagles as a hobby and for the preservation

of the Beagle breed. 

I selectively breed for good Temperament (disposition), good Health,

and beautiful looks (Conformation).

My Beagles are OFA Health Tested (recommended testing).

I am an AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Breeder.

My Beagles and Beagle Puppies are under the care of and Vaccinated by a licensed Veterinarian at an AAHA accredited Veterinary Hospital according to AAHA vaccination guidelines

My Beagles are family pets and personal companions.

They all live with me in my home (not in a kennel) and are crate trained.

They are not co-owned and do not live at other locations. 

I will not breed a Beagle if I cannot live with them as a house pet. 

When my Beagles retire from breeding, they are spayed/neutered and either remain here with me or go to approved pet homes; and are welcome back at any time in their lives if their family cannot keep them.

I have shown my Beagles in the AKC Conformation show ring,

bred multiple AKC titled Beagles, and I have produced some amazing

Therapy Dogs, Family Pets, and Companions.

 I emphasize traits that make a wonderful Family Pet,

while also keeping an eye towards the AKC Beagle breed standard.​

We are located on our beautiful 10 acre property in

rural Bonneau, South Carolina;

about one hour north of Charleston, South Carolina

and two hours south-east of Columbia, South Carolina.

Thank you for your visit to my site!

 "Contact Me" if you have any questions, comments, or

if you are interested in my Beagles!

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Short Acres Beagles

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Bonneau, South Carolina

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