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Beagle Stud Service

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Fresh, Fresh Chilled, or Frozen Semen (two breedings)

*Price does not include any additional Veterinary Expenses for collection, shipment, artificial insemination, progesterone testing, etc. 

Note: I reserve the right to decline stud service to anyone for any reason and at any time, this is to protect my Beagles.

Requirements for Females:

  • AKC or UKC Registered

  • Embark DNA Tested

Payment & Contract:

I only accept payments through PayPal invoicing.
Stud Service price must be paid in full prior to semen collection (fresh) or shipping (frozen).

Stud Service Contract must be signed through DocuSign prior to semen collection (fresh) or shipping (frozen). 


Breeding Services provided by:
Charleston Canine Reproductive Services

At Stud:

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