Beagle Stud Service

*STUD SERVICE is currently NOT available.*


My adult male Beagles are available for Stud Service to approved female Beagles.

Requirements for Females:

  • Current Negative Brucellosis Test (within 30 days of breeding)

  • Embark DNA Tested


    Up to date on Vet Care & Vaccinations

  • Crate-trained

*I reserve the right to refuse Stud Service to any female, for any reason.

I guarantee at least 2 live puppies at 2 weeks of age, or I will offer a free repeat breeding with a current Negative Brucellosis Test (within 30 days of breeding).

Prices are for Natural Breeding at my home. Artificial Insemenation (AI), Fresh Chilled Semen, or Frozen Semen are available for additional cost.

Any progesterone or breeding timing testing (to insure correct breeding timing) is your responsibility, if desired (check with your Veterinarian). 

For example: Progesterone Testing by our Veterinarian is $300 ($225 lab fee, $55 office fee, $20 fuel) per test.

All fees and expenses are due at the time that the female is picked up.

All fees and expenses are due in Cash Only, unless semen is shipped.

All fees and expenses are non-refundable under any circumstance. 

The Stud Fee is a service fee, for services rendered (Semen) from the Stud Dog. 

A signed "Stud Service Contract" is required prior to any breeding. 

Beagle Studs:

"Champion Riplie" --- Retired, no longer at stud

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