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Socializing Your Beagle

It is very important that you socialize your new Beagle Puppy to as many new experiences as possible as they are growing up.


Make sure not to take your puppy out to explore new places until they have completed their vaccination schedule at around 4 months of age.


Until your Beagle Puppy is old enough to explore away from home, you can give them a great socialization experience every day at home. While your puppy was with me, their breeder; I exposed your puppy to a “dog socialization CD” with various sounds. You may want to consider getting a dog socialization CD to continue using, or create your own playlist on youtube for your puppy to see and hear every day.


Other opportunities abound as well, be creative. Try introducing your puppy to different surfaces in and around your home, your appliances, the vacuum cleaner, new scents, new dog-safe toys, other pets, your family members, televisions, radios, the microwave, grooming, a leash/collar, short rides in the car, or anything else that you can imagine. Your Beagle Puppy’s socialization is only limited by your imagination!


Once your Beagle Puppy has completed their vaccinations, the fun really begins! You can join puppy play groups, go to dog parks, participate in a dog obedience class (Yes, Beagles are actually really good at obedience when food rewards are involved!), go to pet stores, visit family/friends, go on a doggy play-date, check out doggy day care, the possibilities are endless!


The more socialization opportunities that you offer your Beagle Puppy while they are young, the better socialized your adult Beagle will be.

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