Our Beagles

Our Foundation Sire


AKC & UKC Show Champion
Ripley's Believe It Or Not II
April 2007 - October 2021
Father of Dorothy & Jasmine
Grand-Father of Outlaw

Our Girls

Tricolor Beagle
Tricolor Beagle
Merle Beagle
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eZy Watermark_11-06-2022_12-04-40PM.heic
eZy Watermark_10-06-2022_09-32-31PM.heic
eZy Watermark_10-06-2022_09-23-27PM.heic
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Our Boys

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eZy Watermark_10-06-2022_09-40-47PM.heic
eZy Watermark_11-06-2022_12-08-36PM.heic