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We do not currently have any available Beagles (Puppies or Adults).

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Litters Of Beagle Puppies

"Litter A"

Born January 14th, 2021

Ready for Pickup March 11th, 2021

8 puppies

6 girls (3 Classic Tricolor & 3 Merle Tricolor)

2 Boys (1 Classic Tricolor & 1 Merle Tricolor)

Next litters around Late Spring to Summer 2021

What colors do our Beagle Puppies typically come in?

How much are our Beagle Puppies?

How To Purchase one of our Beagle Puppies?

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Puppy Waiting List

Families on our Puppy Waiting List will choose their puppies in this order after Short Acres Beagles has selected which puppy or puppies that we are reserving for future breeding program potential. 

Read "How To Purchase A Beagle Puppy" from Short Acres Beagles.


We are only accepting Puppy Applications from families who are willing to consider "Either Gender AND Any Color" until further notice. See "Beagle Colors". 

The current "Wait Time" for new families joining our Waiting List for "Either Gender and Any Color" is 9 to 12 months.

Name (Gender Preference / Color Preference)

1. Kevin K. (Either Gender / Merle Tricolor)

2. Beth L. (Either Gender / Any Color)

3. Elizabeth T. (Female / Merle Tricolor OR Red/White)

4. Ronda R. (Male / Any Color, except Merle)

5. Anthony B. (Either Gender / Any Color, except Lemon/White)

6. Phil L. (Female / Any Color)

7. Kurt G. (Male / Classic Tricolor)

8. Don B. (Either Gender / Any Color)

9. Hannah F. (Either Gender / Any Color)

10. Nathan P. (Either Gender / Any Color)

11. Janet A. (Female / Any Color)

12. Madison G. (Female / Classic Tricolor)

13. Dianne M. (Female / Any Color, except Merle)

14. Hilary F.  (Female / Any Color, except Lemon/White)

15. Leona B.  (Female / Classic Tricolor)

16. Jim R.  (Either Gender / Any Color)





Interested? Send us a "Puppy Application"!

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