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Exercising Your Beagle

Exercise is important for both the physical and mental health and well being of your Beagle. Generally speaking, many behavioral problems can be prevented or decreased with proper exercise.


When your Beagle is young, please do not over-exercise or push them too hard. This can be harmful to their structure, especially their joints, and could cause arthritis. A good place to start is by exercising your Beagle for 5 minutes or less, per month of age - twice per day until they are physically mature at 12 months of age.


Until your puppy has completed all of their vaccinations (around 4 months of age), you should only exercise your Beagle Puppy in the safety of your own yard, due to the risk of contagious diseases in areas that are frequented by unvaccinated dogs and wildlife.



  • This is not “potty breaks” for potty training. This chart is for exercise purposes only.

  • You can substitute a good romp in the yard, play with other dogs, etc for part of the exercise time.

  • Beagles can be trained to use a treadmill for exercise.

Beagle Exercise Chart


3 to 4 months old

4 to 6 months old

6 to 9 months old

9 to 12 mths old

1 year and up

Length per Walk

10 minutes

15 minutes

20 minutes

25 minutes

30 minutes

Walks per Day






Total Time Walking

20 minutes

30 minutes

40 minutes

50 minutes

60 minutes

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